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Every day we earn our clients’ trust with over 100 companies having assigned to us the management of their personnel payroll, corresponding to over 640 employees.

The trust of our clients results from the expertise and professionalism of our consultants who:

✓ Fulfill their confidentiality duty
✓ Prepare timely and validly payroll statements
✓ Comply with labor, social security and tax rules and legislation
✓ Follow up and update our clients on legislative amendments regarding Collective Employment Agreements and Social Security Funds

We provide full support for services such as:

✓ Preparation of all necessary monthly payroll statements and detailed individual remuneration slips of the personnel
✓ Issuing of accounting records in electronic or hard copy form and updating of your company’s accounting books
✓ Mailing of file to the bank for the deposit of the salaries to the individual accounts of the employees
✓ Payroll cost analysis per professional category (i.e. employees receiving salary/ daily or hourly wage), geographical position, cost centre, department, etc. tailored to your needs
✓ Preparation and submission to the Labor Inspection Authority of relevant reports as per law
✓ Drafting and submission to Manpower Organization of termination documents
✓ Drafting and filing to the tax authorities of the return for the payment of tax on the severance package
✓ Monitoring of Collective Employment Agreements and comparison with the salaries paid / budgeted
✓ Drafting and submission of necessary social security contributions statements of all main and supplementary funds
✓ Issuance of certificates regarding social security contributions and salaries of employees until the issuance of the relevant computerized records
✓ Support on the procedure for the payment of social security contributions of all social security funds Issuance of social security clearance whenever needed
✓ Registration procedure with IKA and issuing of Book for newly-hired Personnel in case of change of seat or establishment of branch

✓ Drafting of budget for payroll cost for the current or the forthcoming year
✓ Estimation of personnel compensation amounts as per the company’s needs
✓ Preparation of statements including the withholding tax on the compensation amounts
✓ Support on the procedure for the refund of the employer’s contribution 0,45 on professional training programs of Manpower Organization
✓ Specialized process of payroll for expatriates or executives

✓ Audit Support by the Greek authorities (IKA, Labor Inspectorate etc)
✓ Update and advice for the businessman and the accounting executives relevant to current labor legislation changes

✓ Management of data concerning leaves, sickness and training programs
✓ Management of personnel statistics
✓ Management of attendance records and shift schedules
✓ Management of personnel records
✓ Support in the selection procedures for small and medium-sized companies
✓ Support in the preparation of the budget regarding the personnel of small and medium-sized companies

Following our diagnostic audit you will be provided with a detailed report regarding:

✓ The organization of your payroll department
✓ The calculation of the amounts corresponding to the social security contributions and the withholding tax on salaries
✓ The conclusion of individual employment contracts as per law
✓ The compliance with the applicable Collective Employment Agreements setting the minimum salaries and wages
✓ The compliance with the provisions regarding benefits, time schedule and overtimes

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