As part of Link’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy, we are pursuing the following actions:


For the community

✓ Students employment in their internship.

✓Enhancement of local entrepreneurship by supplying materials and services from the local market and contributing to the development of the local economy.

✓ Participation in congresses, conferences, seminars, directly or indirectly, in order to develop and improve our profession.

✓ Supporting Societies, Associations and other Institutions with the provision of our services.


For Clients

✓ Continuous improvement of the quality of the services provided by exploiting new technologies.

✓ Upgrading the service by promoting alternative ways of customer information.

✓There is a different treatment and different pricing policy for unemployed, those in need or disabled individuals.


For Employees

✓Caring for work  safety issues by taking specific protective measures and applying safety technical rules.

✓ Continuous training of employees through training programs, seminars etch.


For Environment

We participate in actions and promote recycling in our workplace by collecting paper, ink, electronic devices and putting them in special recycling bins.