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Highly skilled specialists offer a wide range of services and solutions that aim to support Greek expats and non Greek residents.

Our will is to make Greece more global, more attractive, more competitive!

We provide full support to foreign client with services such us:

Our international tax professionals support you with the tax aspects and complexities of cross-border situations and transactions, including analysis, reporting and risk management.

Our team works to deliver tangible benefits to our clients, thereby contributing to their competitive advantage.

We provide you with exceptional tax planning services, including:

✓ Determining the most tax effective structure for your business

✓ Taking full advantage of tax opportunities

✓ Achieving the optimum capital or revenue tax treatment

Reducing tax on disposals and maximising relief on acquisitions.

A branch of a foreign company may be established in Greece through registration with the General Commercial Registry. Certain documents must be filed, including the Articles of Association of the foreign company, a certificate of good standing of the foreign company issued by the competent foreign supervising authority, a resolution of the competent corporate body of the foreign company approving the establishment of a branch in Greece, and a Power of Attorney appointing the branch’s legal representative(s) in Greece as well as the person(s) authorized to receive correspondence in Greece (if a legal representative does not reside in Greece).

Following registration with the General Commercial Registry and publication in the General Commercial Registry’s website, where required, the branch must be registered with the competent tax authorities (the tax registration is not carried by the General Commercial Registry but is effected separately at the competent tax office).

The branch is administered by its legal representative(s) in Greece who is/are appointed as above. The representative(s) of the branch generally have the same management liability as the member(s) of a Board of Directors of an AE or the administrator of an EPE.

✓ Avoid double taxation agreements

✓ Declaration to the Tax Office of the tax residence change

✓ Draft and submission of the annual tax return statement and the tax property statement (documents Ε1,Ε2,Ε9)

✓ Updates about the relevant tax legislation for expats

If you have any kind of property in Greece, such as a car, a house, any kind of field, you are obligated to file an annual tax return statement. Your tax obligations are separated by the kind of property you own to annual and on demand:

✓ Annual tax property statement

✓ Annual tax income statement

✓ Inheritance statement or property transfer statement (on demand)

✓ Tax property statement in case of sale or transfer

✓ Rental income statement, if any

A non Greek individual should register for a Greek tax number if:

✓ Earns income in Greece

✓ Wants to participate in a company

Non-Greek tax individuals are taxable in Greece only on their Greek-source income.

In order to issue a Greek tax number, we need to declare a tax representative in Greece.

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